Located in Whaplode, Lincolnshire we offer a comprehensive Blast Cleaning and Coating service, our large Blast & Wet Paint Booths allow us to cater for items ranging from Alloy Wheels to Agricultural and Plant Restorations.

We use a wide range of refined medias and specialist techniques allowing us to Blast Clean all types of Metals, ferrous or non-ferrous. Including items such as thin Vehicle Bodies and Structural Building Beams. For specific applications we are able to Blast Clean to industry standards of SA 1, SA 2, SA 2.5 and SA 3.

We also offer Blast Cleaning  of Hard Woods, Glass Etching and Bead Blasting.





It’s All in the Details

Our Comprehensive Blast Cleaning Service incorporates the use of various different medias depending on the job at hand, we pride ourselves on our ability to blast clean fragile and weak items such as Vehicle bodies and sheet metal without distortion or dents. Whether its a Vehicle Chassis, Collectible Antique or Agricultural Trailer we provide the Blast Cleaning service you require!


The Right Coating, First Time.

We offer in house coatings in our large Professional Spray Booth. Whether you require full refurbishment or just a coat of primer after your item is Blast Cleaned. We offer a range of coatings including single pack and two pack paints, and are able to apply them with conventional or airless spray systems.


The Finishing Touch.

Our Vapour Blasting cabinet gently cleans and polishes the surfaces of Non - Ferrous metals such as Aluminium,Stainless Steel and Copper. This machine offers a unrivaled finish commonly applied to automotive engine parts and aircraft components. 
We run our Vapour Blasting Cabinet on Premium Quality Glass Bead.


The Harder Approach

Not only do we offer a range of Wet-Paint solutions, we also offer a Powder Coating Service. We are able to apply powder to any British RAL Colour specification, and also offer a heat resistant powder for applications up to 600 degrees.


A Glimpse at Our Work



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Unit 9 Mill Gate, Whaplode, Lincolnshire, PE12 6RT, UK

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01406 25 82 82

Unit 9 Mill Gate, Whaplode, Lincolnshire, PE12 6RT, UK

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